The first stage is getting to know about your requirements so we can create a custom strategy, and set project goals.

It is necessary that questions and answers must cover all the requirements and so the main things to be considered are : Purpose, Goal, Target audience and the contents.


Following the initial meet up, we will outline your project, create milestones, and agree on priorities.

A strategic plan includin elements such as interactive forms, logo design, e-commerce, SEO etc. and also technology and platform to be used for implementation are decided.


The most creative designers will let you to choose from attractive and decent designs according to your given combinations.

The result will be the prototype image of how the final design will look like which further get finalized and sent to the development team.


After we've decided on a strategy and designed the user interface and technical architecture, we are ready to develop.

will consider each and every individual graphical element from the designed prototype and use it to establish an actual, working website.


We don't wait until the end of development to test each feature only to find out there's a problem with each step.

Exhaustive testing is the key to a smooth roll out. The harder you push your solution in testing, the more likely you'll catch any glitches or bugs before major problems.



Not always development of your website gets over after successful launch of it. Almost every website needs maintenance to keep up with the pace.

To bring more and more visitors to your website, it is necessary to stay updated always and having content on your website updated on regular basis