IT Staffing Service

Since 2006, Tekreliance has been dedicated to providing excellence in IT staffing services.Combined with our broad, in-depth understanding of technological services, Tekreliance help organizations translate their strategic business initiatives into results focused on you and your business needs.

Reduce employee-related costs.

Fill short-term and long-term needs for qualified employees.

Support upcoming projects.

Meet seasonal requirements - increase and decrease workforce.

As a benefit from the traditional services, our staffing firm offers the option to hire the employee permanently.

You can observe the employee on the job to determine for yourself whether if he or she is the right fit for the position.

As for the employee, he or she can be hired on a permanent basis once the contract period is complete.

Tekreliance assumes all responsibility for recruiting and screening the candidates. We do the work and you can focus on your business.

Our professional recruiters use a wide range of recruiting resources to find the perfect employee.

Exceptional connections. Guaranteed.

At Tekreliance, we do more than make claims. We make guarantees.

We meet with you to specify the resources required, skill sets, work environment and project details.

We agree on mutually acceptable terms.

We supply only the most rigorously vetted and highly qualified talent appropriate for the position.

You evaluate the resource for 40 full hours. If you’re not completely satisfied, you pay nothing and it’s our responsibility to find an alternate candidate that meets your expectations.

It’s that simple - we guarantee your complete satisfaction in 40 hours or you pay nothing. Your risk is eliminated. Your productivity soars. Your results are realized. That’s our promise and we stand behind your success all the way!

Some Numbers to specify our Excellence

Contract Staffing 0

Contract to Hire Staffing 0

Direct Staffing 0

Project Team Staffing

With in-depth expertise in software development, Tekreliance also can help clients with development projects that require a team of skilled professionals rather than a single person with a specific skill set. We can provide a Project Team of IT professionals with the precise collection of skills, experience, and personalities to handle any development effort – an all-in-one Statement of Work (SOW). All you have to do is designate your most trusted employee as the project manager and let Tekreliance manage the rest!

Tekreliance combines in-depth technology expertise and operates across the full IT lifecycle. We understand how technology impacts people and we understand the processes needed to deliver solutions that can help clients achieve business outcomes with great agility, speed and certainty. Our clients appreciate that they can rely on Tekreliance to separate the most qualified candidates from the crowd by following rigorous screening procedures that truly impact their project’s success. Our consultants excel in emerging technologies such as:

  • CRM, ERP and SCM
  • Mobile Applications
  • Application Development
  • Business Analysis
  • Quality Assurance
  • Testing
  • Data & Analytic Solutions
  • Business Intelligence/Data Warehouse
  • Interface Development
  • Networking
  • Production Support

We recruit high-quality professionals to keep things running smoothly at every level. From senior project managers to hardcore programmers, we can find the perfect fit for your organization:

  • Project Managers
  • Functional and Technical Leads
  • Enterprise, System and DB Architects
  • Developers and Web Developers
  • User Interface Developers
  • User Interface Developers
  • Testers
  • Security Specialists
  • Support Professionals

Why TekReliance?

Tekreliance ensures that our services are aligned with your business needs. While you focus on improving your business, we will focus on re-engineering and improving the IT staffing function that drives value to your bottom line.

  • Rigorous screening and recruiting process
  • Strong referral for employment
  • Stability of our management and consultant team
  • Investing in understanding our client business
  • Active engagement across all our clients’ organizations
  • Orientation and hand-holding during introduction
  • On-going monitoring for potentials
  • Proven track record in delighting customers
  • Excellent experience in global delivery by leveraging offshore & onshore combination
  • Client focused through “proactive” engagement